LFC-1C (Single Channel)

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Sensor Size LFS-04(H) -08(H) -20(H) -50(H) -80(H); LFSC-05(D) -08(D) -12(D) -22(D) -30(D)
The LeviFlow® Flow Converter is used to convert ultrasonic signals received from the sensor into a flow value (liters per minute).

With the flow value shown on the 4-digit display, this converter can be used as stand-alone device.

NOTE: does not work with LFS-008


Service/Control Interface RS485 with Modbus protocol
Voltage 24 VDC
PLC Interface 1x Analog Output: 4 – 20mA (0 – 20mA configurable)
1x Digital Input: Volume Counter Reset or Zero Adjust
2x Digital Outputs: Flow Alarm Measurement Error Volume Counter Pulse Volume Counter Alarm Flow as Frequency or Bubble Detection and Custom Output (default: normally open)
4 Digit display: (flow rate volume counter and error codes) re-zero button
Address potentiometers for RS485 address setting
max. array of 99 channels
Max. Ambient Temperature (Operating/Storage) 0-50°C
Sensor Size LFS-04(H) -08(H) -20(H) -50(H) -80(H); LFSC-05(D) -08(D) -12(D) -22(D) -30(D)
Spare Part Type Converter
Regulatory Status CE
IP Rating 20
Dimensions (mm) See technical drawing
Weight (kg) 0.13
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