The Purest Pump
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To meet increasing sensitivity to semiconductor manufacturing contaminants, wafer cleaning has become one of the most critical operations. Minimized particle contamination from process equipment is of paramount importance to obtain a high yield. In comparison to Levitronix® pumps, pneumatic pumps wear out due to friction of check valves, bellows, diaphragms, and other components. Wear can cause particle shedding that causes wafer defectivity.Furthermore, the pulsating flow of pneumatic pumps may reduce filters’ performance due to increased particle release.

Levitronix® pump systems are designed for demanding wet cleaning applications where ultrapure and pulsation-free processing will ensure the highest yield.

The Purest Pump

Ultra low particle generation

Levitronix® pump systems are based on active magnetic levitation. There is no mechanical coupling between the impeller and the pump head casing, which leads to wear-free operation and, therefore, virtually no particle generation.

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Improved Filter Performance

Pulsation free pumping

Pressure and flow pulsations have been shown to increase particle release from filters and limit their lifetimes.The open pump head design, centrifugal pump principle, and absence of valves lead to a completely pulsation-free flow, improving filter performance and increasing the lifetime.

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zoom benefit-graph-retention-efficiency-as-a-function-of-pressure-pulsation
Retention efficiency as a function of pressure pulsation

Lowest Trace Metal Contamination

Small wet surface area

The wet surface area of a Levitronix® pump is several times smaller than pneumatic pumps of similar hydraulic performance. This results in reduced exposure to acid chemicals and thus in reduced leach out of trace metals.

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zoom trace-metal-extraction-of-three-levitronix-pumps-compared-to-two-diaphragm-pumps
Trace metal extraction of three Levitronix pumps compared to two diaphragm pumps