LFSC-iX.1 Ultrahigh-Precision Flow Measurement for Bioprocessing

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The LEVIFLOW® Clamp on flow sensors iX.1 is designed for ultrahigh-precision, non-invasive flow measurement in biopharmaceutical production. The single-use flow pipe enables high accuracy clamp on flow measurement where conventional tubing fails. Flexible tubing is manufactured with higher wall thickness tolerances. An offset in tube diameter distorts the flow profile and results in inaccurate flow measurement. Compared to flexible tubing, the diameter of a Levitronix® SU flow pipe is highly precise. This results in an undistorted flow profile and thus a level of accuracy that is unachievable with conventional tubing. Combined with the Levitronix® 6 beam technology, the iX sensor is a benchmark in stable and accurate clamp on measurement. Additionally, the rigid flow pipe allows for consistent measurement at increased pressure making it ideal for chromatography, TFF or other high-pressure applications. The LEVIFLOW® iX.1 combines all the advantages of the Levitronix® integrated flow sensor including integrated electronics, active temperature compensation or a very small footprint. From low to high flow rates, from buffer preparation to filling, the LEVIFLOW® Clamp on flow sensor iX will improve your yield.

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