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With over 100,000 pumps sold, Levitronix® is the worldwide leader in magnetically levitated bearingless motor technology, specializing in supplying process equipment for Microelectronics, Life Science, and Industrial Applications. Our products range from pump systems, mixers, and blowers to flow sensors and viscometers.

Our patented technology permits the motor and magnetic bearing to be combined into a single unit with products that achieve maximum reliability, long life, and the ability to process in the harshest environments.

Levitronix® has been a key participant in the Microelectronics industry for over 20 years, providing ultrapure pump systems, mixers, and flow sensors that enable chip manufacturers globally to process smallest wafer structures. Levitronix®is the market leader in several applications, including single-wafer processing, CMP slurry delivery, or plating.

In the Life Sciences market, Levitronix®supplies single- and multi-use pumps, mixers, and flow sensors that help biopharmaceutical companies globally to process shear sensitive fluids such as cell-based vaccines, biologics, and gene therapies.

Levitronix® leverages technology leadership and Swiss quality to deliver integrated solutions for improved process yield. We focus on technical customer support, advanced quality control, and long-term product availability. A firm commitment to responsible business, sustainability, and long-term partnerships underpins everything we do.

Levitronix® is located in Zurich, Switzerland, with production and RnD facilities in the USA and Asia. With offices around the world, we are present in all regions where our customers are active to effectively respond to their needs.

We continue to work towards delivering versatile, high-technology process equipment that will help organizations in demanding industries improve their yield.

Worldwide Leader in Bearingless Motor Technology

> 100,000 pumps sold

Long History

> 25 years experience in bearingless motor technology

Local Customer Support

Levitronix® offices around the globe

Swiss Quality

Main office in Zürich, Switzerland

Technology Driven

> 300 patents granted


First and only company to market bearingless motors

Levitronix® History

Company Foundation
in 2001


Levitronix® was founded in 2001 as a spin-off from Sulzer, a 4b USD Swiss industrial engineering company. Levitronix®‘ history stretches back many years before. In the late ’80s and early ’90s, the concept of a maglev bearingless motor was studied by the founders of Levitronix® during their Ph.D. at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH).


A Pioneer in Bearingless Pump Systems

First company with bearingless heart assist pump

Levitronix® is the first company to release a ventricular assist device (VAD) based on the bearingless motor technology. The class III medical device is used for temporary extracorporeal heart support and ensures low blood damage resulting in excellent hemocompatibility. The medical part of Levitronix® was sold in 2011 to Thoratec Corporation.

Global Presence

From Switzerland (to) all
over the world

Levitronix® vouches for Swiss quality, which is why research, development, and the main manufacturing facility are in Zurich, Switzerland. Though Switzerland is our home, we always want to be where our customers are, so we may continuously provide them with a prompt and professional service. Levitronix® has established subsidiaries around the globe that act as representative offices such as in the USA (4x), Taiwan (1x), Japan (3x), and Korea (1x).

Global presence

Trusted by Leading Companies

Market leader in Semiconductor

Levitronix® has been a key participant in the Semiconductor industry since the start of the company. Compared to other pump systems, the bearingless pump principle allows the user to process ultrapure fluids with virtually no contamination. Soon after the market entry, Levitronix® becomes the standard in various processes such as cleaning, plating or CMP slurry delivery.
Rather than just a pump, Levitronix® is a solution to improved yield. That’s why we’re proud that leading companies in the industry trust Levitronix® and share their success stories.

Trusted by Leading Companies

Introduction of Flow
Sensors Line

LEVIFLOW® series


The integrated controller of Levitronix® pump systems allows for the easiest control of process parameters such as flow. That’s why in 2009, Levitronix® has released its own series of flow sensors based on ultrasonic flow measurement and ensure the highest purity. With the entry into the Life Science industry in 2014, the portfolio was expanded by single-use inline and reusable clamp-on sensors.

Market Entry in Life
Science Industry

Introduction of PuraLev®
pump series

In 2014, Levitronix® released the PuraLev®single-use and multi-use pump series for biopharmaceutical production. Compared to peristaltic or piston-diaphragm pumps, the bearingless pump principle allows processing shear-sensitive fluids extremely gently, resulting in an improved yield. Levitronix® becomes industry standard in perfusion soon after its market entry, a process that requires highest cell viability.

Continuous Improvement and Long-Term Availability

Three generations of bearingless
pump systems

Since the start of the company, Levitronix® has released three generations of pump systems. While the second generation (2008) was characterized by improved performance and value, the third generation of pumps (2018) came with an integrated controller and substantially reduced footprint. We understand the need for the long-term availability of process equipment. That’s why even over two decades later, Levitronix® pump systems of the first generation are still available.


Bearingless fans, mixers and more


The Levitronix®‘ bearingless motor technology is not limited to pumps. Over the course of the company’s history, various products were released based on active magnetic levitation. All products are united by the highest purity and reliability, gentle processing, and a long lifetime.

Investment in the Future

New company main office in
Zurich, Switzerland (opens in 2022)

From its start, Levitronix® has been continuously growing and therefore claiming more space. To keep pace with the corporate development, the new main office with more space will be opened in 2022 in Zurich, Switzerland.

Investment in the future