Pump System BPS-600.53

Consists of:

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Max. diff. Pressure (bar) 3.2
Max. Flow (l/min) 75
Max. Liquid Temperature 90° C / 194° F
Max. Viscosity 30 cP
The Levitronix® BPS-600 is designed for ultrapure processing of delicate fluids in microelectronic wet applications. Based on active magnetic levitation, the pump impeller is suspended and driven by the magnetic field of the motor. The wide gap ensures that there is no mechanical contact between moving parts and therefore no wear. There are no bearings to wear out or seals to break down. The impeller and casing are both made from chemical-resistant high purity fluorocarbon resins. Fluid flow rate and pressure are precisely controlled by electronically regulating the impeller speed. Pump System BPS-600.53 has an extended PLC interface: speed control via an external signal, precise closed-loop flow or pressure control when either a flow or pressure sensor is integrated into the system, connection to a computer via a RS232 interface to allow communication with Levitronix® Service Software. Hence parameterization, firmware updates and failure analysis are possible.


Cable Jacket FEP
Cable Lenght (mm) 3000
Motor/Driver Coating ETFE
Connector Type 2x circular (M23, IP67)
Dimensions (mm) See Subcomponents
Direct Connection to Controller No
Fitting Size 1"
Fitting Type VCR
Ex Protection ATEX
Impeller Material Stainless Steel
Max. Ambient Temperature (Operating/Storage) 40 C°/80 C°
Max. diff. Pressure (bar) 3.2
Max. Flow (l/min) 75
Max. Liquid Temperature 90° C / 194° F
PLC Interface 2 with 0-10 V up to 2 analog outputs 0 - 5 V
up to 4 digital inputs 0 - 24V (optocoupler) up to 4 digital outputs 0 - 24 V (relais) up to 4 analog inputs 2 with 4-20mA
Power 48 VDC/600 W
Regulatory Status CE, IECEE CB, NRTL/ETL, WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU
Screws Stainless Steel
Sealing Ring Unfilled FFPM
Service/Control Interface RS232
Suction Port No
Max. Viscosity 30 cP
Weight (kg) See Subcomponents
Wet Surface (without drain port) ~39'660 mm²
Wet Volume (without drain port) ~133 ml

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