Integrated Pump Driver IPD-100.6-01 (Stand-Alone Model)

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Service/Control Interface Button Control Mode
The controller and the motor are integrated into the driver housing, hence cabling effort is reduced. Fluid flow rate and pressure are precisely controlled by electronically regulating the impeller speed without pulsation.

The Driver has an integrated user panel and buttons to set the speed manually. The driver also contains a PLC interface for remote speed control by analog and digital signals. Various accessories are available, like a desktop power supply with relevant power cable and signal cables to connect to the PLC.


Motor/Driver Coating Epoxy
Cable Lenght (mm) 5 000
Cable Jacket FEP
Ex Protection Other
Power 100 W
Voltage 24 VDC
PLC Interface 1 analog input ("Speed") 4-20 mA
1 digital input ("Enable") 0-24 V (optocoupler)
1 digital output ("Status") 0-24 V (relays)
Service/Control Interface Button Control Mode
IP Rating 65
Spare Part Type Integrated Pump Driver
Pump Size 100
Regulatory Status CE, WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU
Max. Ambient Temperature (Operating/Storage) 40°C /80°C
Dimensions (mm) See technical drawing
Weight (kg) 1.4
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