Controller LPC-2000.2-01 (High Flow)

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Service/Control Interface USB and PLC Interface
The Controller has an extended PLC interface. The PLC interace allows the speed to be set via an external signal, fasciliating precise closed-loop flow or pressure control when either a flow or pressure sensor is integrated into the system. A computer can be connected to allow commuication with Levitronix® Service Software. Hence parameterization, firmware updates and failure analysis are possible.


Power 2 000 W
Voltage 200-240 VAC
PLC Interface 2 analog outputs 0-5 V
4 analog inputs 2 with 4-20 mA, 2 with 0-10 V
4 digital inputs 0-24 V (optocoupler)
4 digital outputs 0-24 V (relays)
Service/Control Interface USB and PLC Interface
Spare Part Type Controller
Pump Size 2000
Max. Ambient Temperature (Operating/Storage) 40°C /80°C
Dimensions (mm) See technical drawing
Weight (kg) 2.9
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