Pump Head LPP-2000.25 (Drain Port)

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Max. Flow (l/min) 140
Max. diff. Pressure (bar) 4.1
Fitting Size 1"
Max. Liquid Temperature 90°C / 194°F
The impeller and pump casing are both fabricated from biocompatible (FDA, USP-VI, BSE/TSE and Animal free) fluorocarbon resins and together they make up the multi-use pump head. Based on the principles of magnetic levitation, the pump’s impeller is suspended, contact free, inside a sealed casing and is driven by the magnetic field of the motor.


Max. Flow (l/min) 140
Max. Viscosity 30 cP
Max. diff. Pressure (bar) 4.1
Fitting Size 1"
Fitting Type Triclamp
Pump Head Material Stainless Steel
Impeller Material Stainless Steel
Sealing Ring EPDM
Drain Port Yes (Fittings: Triclamp ½“)
Sterilization Methods CIP, SIP
Max. Liquid Temperature 90°C / 194°F
Wet Volume (without drain port) 254 ml (without drain port)
Wet Surface (without drain port) 657 cm² (without drain port)
Spare Part Type Pump Head
Pump Size 2000
Screws Stainless Steel
Dimensions (mm) See technical drawing
Weight (kg) 5.2
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