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Comparison of Four Pump Systems on the Particle Size Distribution of Cabot® EP-6618 Slurry

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  • スラリー
  • マイクロエレクトロニクス
  • 空気圧ポンプ
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In comparison to Levitronix® pumps, pneumatic pumps can cause shear stress due to check valves and other components. Shear stress in pumps can cause slurry agglomeration. Agglomerated slurry particles can lead to micro scratches, which cause wafer defectivity in CMP.

Test conditions
Two Levitronix® pumps, a diaphragm pump, and a bellows pump were evaluated for their effect on the health of Cabot® EP-6618 slurry. A fixed volume of slurry was recirculated at 26 lpm and 2 bar, and samples were drawn from the system at selected times for analysis. The particle size distribution of each sample was measured and the increase in particle concentration relative to the initial concentration was compared.

Little change in the particle size distribution was observed with Levitronix® pumps, regardless of particle size. With bellows and diaphragm pumps, significant increases particularly in the large particle concentrations were observed.




Author Marc Litchy
Company CT Associates
Document Number LTX 979 1590
Pages 8